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Help Me

Started by JD, 2007-10-16T13:45:20-05:00 (Tuesday)

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I am currently in CS 150 and I feel like I am being left behind in coverage of the material.  When i go to the CS Lab the tutors always tell me the same thing.  "I don't know??" and then it ends there.  So now since the people that are supposed to help me can't and since I have so many questions and problems right now I am giving a call to any wanting to tutor someone in this area and I will be paying money for the tutoring time.  So if anyone is intrested contact me at

P.s. it would be preferable if someone would contact me before Fri the 19th because i have a program due then.

Thanks alot everyone...< Later
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I am also in 150, probably the same class: MWF 11-1150 with Socratis? Anyway, if you have any specific questions go ahead and post them here and I'll do my best to help or at very least discuss them.


ok thanks buddy, yeah it is the same class... i will get some togther and post them
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I know that it would be more convenient for me to answer your questions on here (since I have a pretty busy schedule).

Plus it's free and could benefit other students.
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