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Job Opportunity: Implementation Specialist

Started by Jerry, 2007-10-16T16:12:41-05:00 (Tuesday)

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Implementation Specialist is an entry level position in Professional Services.  This person should have a bachelorââ,¬â,,¢s degree in Computer Science or Computer Information Systems or equivalent experience.  This person will report to a Team Lead within Professional Services and will work directly with a Project Manager on a project.  Knowledge or experience in the following areas is required:

Ã,· Logic and flow diagrams
Ã,· Applications development (preferably .NET with VB or C#)
Ã,· Testing and debugging
Ã,· Infrastructure
Ã,· SQL Server
Ã,· Windows Active Directory
Ã,· Good communication skills, both written and verbal and the ability to work independently with a client


The Implementation Specialist has the following responsibilities:

Ã,· Verify clientââ,¬â,,¢s infrastructure is configured properly so the KnowledgeLake software will function properly in the clientââ,¬â,,¢s environment
Ã,· Assists with installing and configuring the KnowledgeLake software product suite at the customer site
Ã,· Troubleshoot installation and configuration issues with the KnowledgeLake software in client environment
Ã,· Coordinate with KnowledgeLake Technical Support to resolve issues for clients and partners
Ã,·  Performs a transfer of information with the client for the KnowledgeLake products
Ã,·  Customize the KnowledgeLake software to meet a customerââ,¬â,,¢s specific business needs
Ã,·  Develops documentation for customized solutions

Please email resumes to Jason.burian@knowledgelake.com.  Thank you again so much for your time, I know how busy you must be this time of year.  From personal experience this is a fantastic opportunity for graduates.  I really have fast forwarded my career by about 3 years and get to enjoy working on bleeding edge technology.



Jason Burian...

Jason Burian



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