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Virtual Robots

Started by Stiffler, 2002-10-22T08:52:33-05:00 (Tuesday)

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I found a really kewl software package that we could use for Robotics class and Dr. Yu's A.I. class. It's called RoboForge, and can be found at RoboForge.net. I'm DLing the demo of this bad boy to try it out. You can make your own Robot, and then you need to create the A.I. for it. After that, you can put it in battle to see how your A.I. holds up against others. I know you don't want the EyeBots to be programed to attack one another and destroy the other. :-P You can create your own local server and just have ppl from SIUE join the server. The program only cost $20, and $10 more if you want the CD. You might want to get a site lisence for the CS department for these classes. There are screen shots of the program on the website. Try it out, and let me know if it would work for those to classes.

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