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[Survey] What is your favorite web browser?

Started by Ryan Lintker, 2002-09-12T18:21:38-05:00 (Thursday)

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Ryan Lintker

Ok, so I don't know what most of these browsers are and I got some names off of the internet, but I think it is an interesting question.  I just downloaded Netscape 7 and don't have much experience with it yet.  I have to admit that I like the tabbed pages option.  It really cleans up my taskbar.  However, I think I have to choose IE, simply because more sites don't support Netscape anymore.
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Jim Sodam

I use mozilla, it has the occasional display problems, but works 99% of the time and it kills popups without the need of an external program.

Gotta install all your various plugins yourself though, but that amounts to nothing more than downloading them into the right directory.

I don't ever use the tabbed browsing, I like the Alt-tab a lot and that doesn't work between the tabs.  :-(

Peter Motyka

I have grow quite fond of mozilla since the 1.0 release.  The tabbed browsing is neat and it is a very fast browser.  There does not seem to be as many problems with poorly rendered html, much has been fixed since the .9x days.  I use to be a opera user, but I could not stand the banner add.  Perhaps I should have purchased it, but I am a poor student :(

Oh, and dont forgot!!!  The worlds best text web browser, w3m!!

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Chris Swingler

I've been happily using Mozilla also.  The web browser works great, though for some weird reason the text in this box is tiny.  (I've talked to different people, some report this problem, some don't.)  

Not only is the browser almost flawless, especially since the 1.0 release, (I'm using 1.1 right now) the mail client is unbelievable!  It's fast, and crash-proof, compared to the buggy MS Outlook Express.  It also supports multiple accounts (nice for those of us still using our home accounts for some purposes.)

Internet Explorer is no more.  Well, it's still there, I'd get rid of it if it was worth the effort, but I don't use it anymore.

But how could you forget NCSA Mosiac and Arachne?

Christopher Swingler
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Michael Kennedy

As much as I hate to admit, I use IE 6 almost exclusively.  It's fast, small on the screen real estate, and already here.  I know the speed comes from the fact that it's loaded at boot time, but I've already had to pay for that delay once, so I might as well take advantage of it.  Also, I do a lot of searches and open pages from Windows Explorer (same thing, I know), but that added convienience is great.

I've also never fallen victim to any IE holes, so I'm unbiased against them for that reason.  (ZoneAlarm, Ad-Aware, Norton AV help keep me safe  :-) )
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William Grim

Mozilla r0x0r!  I don't have display problems anymore because in my preferences I told it to force minimum font to 12.

Gotta love technology, and many sites do actually support Netscape.  They have too or they wouldn't make any money.  Plus, with the emergence of Mozilla, the web pages that support it are slowly increasing (don't ask me how fast though).

Also, I don't really have html display problems in Mozilla anyway.  Installing plugins is often a pain though; hopefully that'll become easier as time goes on.
William Grim
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