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Jinriksha Playing @ Dunham Hall (SIUE Battle of the Bands)

Started by Ross Mead, 2007-12-07T01:59:48-06:00 (Friday)

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Ross Mead

Hello, one and all!  It's been a long time, but we're back!  That's right, you read correctly: my band, Jinriksha (hear us on MySpace), will be playing at Dunham Hall for the SIUE Battle of the Bands this Saturday, December 8th (we hit the stage around 6:30PM), to help end the semester!  If you haven't seen or heard us before, we're most often compared to the likes of The Urge, Primus, Incubus (the old, old stuff... with Dirk on bass... ), Mr. Bungle, Rage Against the Machine, etc.  Sharing the stage with us that night will be about 7 other bands, so don't miss out on the opportunity to see a variety of great local bands.  Also, there is a Guitar Hero tournament going on in the same location, so come show off your skills!  We've only got about 20 minutes to make an impression on the judges, so we're doin' it BIG... and we need your support!  Here are the details:

When: Saturday, December 8th, 2007 ~ Show starts at 6:00PM
Where: Dunham Hall (SIUE)
Who: Jinriksha ~ 6:30PM
How Much: $5 ~ All Ages!!!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them on here, e-mail me, or gimme' a call (618-696-2600). You can also check us out on MySpace, as well as on our Facebook Event or our Facebook Group, Jinriksha Armata; see pictures of our previous shows!

Don't miss out on all of the great music!  Bring your friends!

Thanx for the support! We really appreciate it! :punk:


I would go... really... but I have an insane robotics final to study for.

I'm trying to graduate you know...  :smartass:
SIUe Computer Science Graduate

Ross Mead

Well, if you can't make it to the Battle of the Bands, you'll have your opportunity to check us out at Stagger Inn next Thursday (i.e., the last day of finals!).  See-ya' there!