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For those that want to know more about Gentoo 1.4

Started by Stiffler, 2002-10-14T10:39:03-05:00 (Monday)

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Here is a link to a well written article describing the brand new features of Gentoo 1.4:

Click here.

WARNING: May cause mouth watering.

Pay close attention to the game CD on page two. If we could get the the source to how they made that CD, could we put Q3A on it with all the mods and updates. Them all we need to do is put the CD in the drive, boot up, put in the individual license key, and we have a full working Q3A system with out ghosting all the machines. Ghosting machines often is hard on the HDs. This would be a perfect project for the LUUCS group to do. We will learn a lot about making a bootable, fully installed Linux distro on a CD. I will to spear-head it if needed, since I have painfully worked with Gentoo before. Read the article so you know what I'm talking about.

Retired webmaster of CAOS.

Jim Sodam

Gentoo is my favorite distro that I've tried.  I love there portage system, makes life easier. ;-)

That game cd sounds like a really good idea too, I imagine it wouldn't be incredibly difficult to put together.

Here is a link to a distro that runs completely off the cd-rom too, it's called Knoppix