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SuSE 8.1 has arrived!!!!!

Started by Victor Cardona, 2002-10-27T13:22:23-06:00 (Sunday)

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Victor Cardona

The subject line says it all. I am now the proud owner of a boxed copy of SuSE 8.1 Professional. I will write a review later, but right now I will say that it is the best version of SuSE yet.

I will try to make ISOs available ASAP to anyone who wants them.



You remember my FTP server? I gave you paper with my address.

Also, I would use fireburner to make the ISOs. There is a version for Linux and Windows, and best of all, it burns *.bin/*.que files (CDRWin files). I believe it is the only Linux program to burn those type images.

Or DD works great under Linux, but they are a pain to burn under Windows, because you need to select sector size, and stuff like that.

Retired webmaster of CAOS.

Victor Cardona

I do remember your server. Don't worry. I use dd to copy the images from the cds.