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Sad, Sad Day.

Started by axe9, 2007-12-17T13:54:33-06:00 (Monday)

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So, I've officially dropped all my classes for SIUE, and signed up at Carbondale :(

I really wanted to come here, I really did.

Bottom Line, SIUE didn't contact me at all once they had money, they were as little help as possible when I had questions. And at times terrible to work with.
Adding that on them only accepting 46 of my 70 college credits, I couldn't do it :( SIUC took all my credits, and has made signing up the least painful educational experience of my life. lol

I'm still looking at SIUE to finish my MBA, but who knows what will happen in the next two years.

I'll keep on the site, and if you guys have some cool events or something, maybe I'll show up :)
CMIS- Spring 08 transfer