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Game Design Group - Spring Semester meetings

Started by Neostrider, 2008-01-23T14:52:42-06:00 (Wednesday)

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Hello everyone, I'm Brit.  I plan on the Game Design meetings to continue this semester, and at their usual times.  If you do not know what we are, we are a group of students here at SIUE that have begun work on designing and programming our own videogame.  We made some good progress last semester and this semester I hope to have a working demo built.  We meet Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7:30 PM until whenever you want to leave.  If you can make it to only one, please make it Thursday nights.  If anyone is interested or continueing from last semster please post here, and let me know if the times need any changes or any ideas you may have had.

I think the first meeting will be Tuesday, Jan 29 and we'll have another meeting Thursday 31 night.  Please attend one or the other, or post here if you'd like to join.


Today, thursday 29 the meeting will be canceled for weather.  Sorry


Sounds pretty cool.

I'll see if I can make it the next meeting (I can't today).

Where is it held, and about how many people are members?


The game design meetings are typically started on the 1st floor in the lobby by the vending machines.  We usually gather everyone together there, and then move downstairs into an open classroom to use the dry-erase boards to illustrate some of the concepts we're discussing.  If we're having a lite meeting we usually stay upstairs, so always check for us there first.  Downstairs we usually just use rooms 0012 or 0011 and didn't have any trouble in the past getting one of those.

The group was made up of somewhere between 10 and 30 people, but so far the coding has only been done by 4 people.  4 or 5 of us usually met to discuss the mechanics of the game, but anyone is invited to join in on that discussion.

No programming experience is required.  If you just want to watch and learn about the process you're welcome to come, or if you'd like to pitch in and help with the code all the help would be appreiciated.  We also really need to start looking for people with enough imaging skills to start create a lot of sprites for the game, and later on someone would need to start work on sounds and music.


Were we meeting today (Thurs. Feb. 7th)? So far nobody has shown up.



Are you still meeting every tues thurs @ 7:30? I think I want to get involved.

Andrew Garrison

What else can you tell us about the game?  3D or 2D?  Are you planning on using any open source graphics engines?  I'm always interested in hearing about game development, but I'd like to hear more about the game before going to a meeting.


I'll probably be at the next meeting on Thursday assuming you're still doing it.  I don't know how much help I can be coding (currently in CS 240) but I'd like to learn a little bit about game development. 


are the meetings still at the same time as above^^^? (7:30  tues thurs)?