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Co-op position At Alton Steel

Started by jelmendorf, 2008-01-25T17:44:42-06:00 (Friday)

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Alton Steel, Inc. is looking for students interested in part-time or full-time computer programming positions.
These positions are for the spring and summer semesters with the potential to extend indefinitely. 
Programmers will get a wide range of experience including:
                   *User Requirement gathering
                   *Interface Design
                   *Database Development

* Candidates will need to know VB .NET 2005
* Strong database skills with T-SQL are a plus

You can contact me directly at jelmendorf@altonsteel.com
This is a paid co-op.

Also you can see Alton Steel on "Dirty Jobs" @ http://video.discovery.com/


I would highly encourage people to pursue co-ops. They can give a keen insight into what you do, or do not want to do 8 (or more) hours a day for the rest of your life.
Bryan Grubaugh
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