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Internship available at Home theater computer/media management startup company

Started by maglito, 2008-02-07T10:44:23-06:00 (Thursday)

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I am looking for reliable help with my startup company, High Definition Innovations (aka HDinnovations).  Don't bother to Google it (my host has been down for a while so there is no content up ATM).

The product under development (the HDJukebox) is an HTPC running Windows Vista, but not utilizing the Windows Media Center UI.  The core hardware platform is complete (Intel G35 based microATX motherboard with a Penryn - but current prototypes are using Intel Allendale based CPU cores).

Most of the work to be done is software front end and back end related.

This project is much more than a simple HTPC, it will be complete media management for your entire collection with on demand access to all your content (HDDVD, BluRay, DVD, CD, downloaded, and even Tivo'd anywhere in your home or even on your portable device).

The ideal candidate would be a SIUE CS major of sophomore or junior (would consider freshmen and seniors) standing with a real passion for home theater and computers who is a fast learner, diligent, trustworthy and detail oriented.

Experience with any of the following highly desired: Media Player Classic, VLC, [X]MPlayer, Zoomplayer, Cyberlink PowerDVD 7.0+, Windows MCE +mymovies, Graphedit, roadrunner

Some windows coding experience desirable but not necessary (C, C++, C#, other Visual Studio)

Some web coding experience desirable but not necessary (html, javascript, php, flash, shopping carts, paypal, and google checkout)

Some [X]nix experience desirable but not necessary (linux, freeBSD, kernel recomplie, bash...tivo hacking)

Some iphone / itouch user, and or software development experience desirable but not necessary

I would like to hold interviews on the SIUE campus Feb 22-25 as needed and have a candidate or two selected to begin work on March 7th or 10th.

Interested parties can reply with an informal email or a formal resume at their digression to my email address anthony[at]magliari.com

I will monitor this thread for questions but I would rather not go into any further detail on the project and keep discussion qualification / job duties based.

Anthony R. Magliari (BS Computer Science, BA Media and Communications, MCSA, MCSE)
Swansea, IL



I met Anthony this weekend at our Open House / LAN Party.  I must say he seemed like a really nice guy, was very straight forward, and seemed to know what he was talking about. For anyone that really wants to quit flipping burgers, or is interested in this line of business I highly recommend talking to him to see  what he has to offer.

President of CAOS
Software Engineer NASA Nspires/Roses Grant


I am holding a couple interviews on campus tomorrow, please email me today if you haven't emailed me yet and are interested in meeting tomorrow.