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CTS Technology Solutions on campus interviews

Started by Jerry, 2008-02-19T15:11:50-06:00 (Tuesday)

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On-campus Interviews: Tuesday, 02/26/08, in 3126 Founders Hall (Career Development Center).
Requirements: US or Permanent Resident. Overall GPA: 3.0 or higher. Grad dates: 12/07 through 05/08.
Majors: MIS, CMIS, CIS, Computer Science, Computer Engineering.

CTS Technology Solutions, located in Sparta, IL, will be on campus on Tuesday, 02/26/08, to interview candidates interested in full-time employment upon graduation from SIUE. The interviews will be held in the Career Development Center (CDC), 3126 Founders Hall.

You may sign up for an interview online by going to our Web site at www.siue.edu/careerdevelopmentcenter and accessing your account with the CDC. The schedule(s) that you are eligible to sign up for will be listed under "Schedules" > "Qualified Schedules" in the tool bar across the top of the screen.

Read the job description below and if it sounds like the career opportunity you've been waiting for, sign up for an interview. Contact the CDC at 618-650-3708 if you have any questions about your account or the on-campus interviewing process. See you on the 26th!!

CTS Technical Solutions has openings for both tier 1 and tier 2 personnel.

The tier 1 individual will be responsible to provide first level support for both local and wide area networks in a managed service environment.This person will work closely with customer contact for resolution to problems from a remote position.

The tier 2 individual will be responsible to provide second level support for both local and wide area networks. The work includes the setup and configuration of new networks as well as service and integration into existing networks. This person will work closely with the customer contact from a remote position as well as on customer site.

Please bring your UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT and COMPANY APPLICATION (available in the Career Development Center) to your interview.
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I would advise everyone to register with the CDC regardless of your interest in this particular opening. The CDC is a wonderful resource.
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