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New Forum Ranks - Post Suggestions!!!

Started by Jarod Luebbert, 2008-02-21T18:13:47-06:00 (Thursday)

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Jarod Luebbert

Here is the current ranking system:

Jr. Member      
Full Member   
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We need something a little more original and geeky. Post your suggestions here, we were thinking that 'Leet' has to be included somewhere in the rankings, and maybe 'CRT Tan'.
Jarod Luebbert
Computer Science Major


Jarod Luebbert

Yeah, I guess that would work, but wouldn't it be

string rank = "addicted";

Jarod Luebbert
Computer Science Major


"733t" or maybe "733t |-|4><0r"

If my post count were any higher you'd think they were all smiley faces   - HA that one is a Shaun reference

my = caos.siue.edu

My post count is evidence that I'm not enrolled in a Dr. White class - heh heh heh

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List<string> forumRanks = new List<string>();
forumRanks.add("Captain Picard");
forumRanks.add("Post Ninja");
forumRanks.add("Bit Pirate");

foreach (string rank in forumRanks)

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Paid to Post

oh wait, that's just me? sorry guys.
Bryan Grubaugh
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I like the Captain Picard :)

ohh and Bryan.  I'm getting paid to post right now too :) but mine also comes with free Beer :pint:
President of CAOS
Software Engineer NASA Nspires/Roses Grant


Mark Sands

red team
blue team

(inside joke for the people who actually showed up for the lan party)
Mark Sands
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