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Laptop advice

Started by arcdrag, 2008-02-25T13:23:12-06:00 (Monday)

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Monochrome guys...monchrome

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If you want a full sized laptop and you plan to game and are a real nerd's nerd I recommend the Asus C90S.


You supply the Desktop CPU (read: cheap), the video card (yes, it's upgradeable), RAM, Hard disk, etc.  They are expensive but if someone is really interested I can see about an education hookup through my contacts at Asus.  My brother has one and loves it.  How many of you can say you have (or even know anyone with) a core 2 duo laptop with both cores running over 3.0GHz? (yes, it even overclocks)

Personally, gaming on the road isn't my thing (I like hauling my beast to LAN parties), so I am a UMPC (ultra mobile PC) freak and some really nice ones are coming out later this spring (based on the new intel menlow).  I like my computer to fit in my pants (insert joke here).


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