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Fundraising Opportunity

Started by raptor, 2008-04-23T21:12:04-05:00 (Wednesday)

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Received this email today:

62 Sports Group would like to offer the following fundraising opportunity to
student organizations. . .

Saturday, May 3rd you would travel to Jefferson City, MO in passenger vans to
staff games and/or inflatables.

Your leave time would be 6am and your group would return by 7pm.

Compensation to your organization would be . . .
$1,000 for 15 people
$650 for 10 people
Lunch would be provided

I need to know by tomorrow (Thursday) by 3pm if your group is interested.


Are there enough people out there interested.  Springfest being cut short turned into a bust for us and we only made 2 dollars (thanks to donations by myself and Shaun)

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