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Internship Available for Mobile Computing Project

Started by Jerry, 2008-06-09T09:47:00-05:00 (Monday)

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Note: I spoke with Wayne Yingling directly. He is just looking for a functional prototype at this point, so this sounds like a good learning experience.  --Jerry Weinberg


Project Name: Convenient Communication Infrastructure Query (C2IQ)

Description:  C2IQ allows a person to extract communication infrastructure data through their cell phone (non-smart phone) based on their locational proximity to a communication enclosed structure (COEST)

        1. User stands by a manhole
        2. User starts C2IQ app on their cell phone
        3. C2IQ app displays manhole and cable characteristics on the cell phone's display.

        Only outside plant manholes and handholes.
        Textual display
        Cell phone is able to use cellular network's locational capabilities but is not a smart phone (e.g. windows CE device, blackberry, etcââ,¬Â¦)

        Must use Verizon's network
        App displays the following data (all are readily available in a database):  Manhole Identifier, Manhole size, Cables located in the manhole, and identifiers of connected manholes.

        Working app
        Source code
        Installation Documentation
        System Documentation (all components used)

Wayne Yingling
Enterprise Information Management

Woolpert, Inc.
Office: 618.632.6526

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