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Web Developer Wanted

Started by Jerry, 2008-07-02T10:11:41-05:00 (Wednesday)

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Hi Mr. Weinberg,

My name is Matt Burcham and I am from Collinsville.  I am currently working through a small business plan on an idea I have for a web-based business.

I have mockups and functionality of a website I would like to build but not he expertise to build it. 

I am interested to see if there are any students that may have the ability and be interested in making some money and helping me build this website.

Basically I am looking to build a website that has the functionality of Craigslist: the ability for a user to create a log in ID and Password with their eMail address.  In addition, the ability for the user to enter postings (similar to a forum) and the ability for other users to respond directly to that user directly via email using their User ID.  I am thinking this set up would need a few databases to hold the user/posting data.  There are a few places on the internet that discuss the structure of craigslist.

I do not have a ton of money to spend on getting the mockup or basic functionality in place but as we go along there would be a chance to work together to build the site.

My contact information is Matt Burcham 618.407.6517 or mattburcham@yahoo.com

Thanks for your time,
Matt Burcham
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My name is Aanal Patel and i am CS student.
I am interested in Mr.Matt Burcham offers.
I am new to CAOS. so i dont know there is any procedures to apply for job.
can u please help me out.

thank you for your time,

Aanal Patel


Quote from: aapatel on 2008-08-25T13:32:26-05:00 (Monday)
i don't know there is any procedures to apply for job.

The CAOS forum is a place for CS students, alumni, and others to chat about all things tech.

It is also a place where employers can let students know about job opportunities. There is no formal procedures for applying, so students can contact employers directly.

Mr. Burcham, thanks for posting here. Hopefully you'll find someone with the skill set you are looking for.

Jerry Weinberg
"Make a Little Bird House in Your Soul" - TMBG...