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Git Is Bad Ass

Started by Justin Camerer, 2008-07-22T18:27:15-05:00 (Tuesday)

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Justin Camerer

For those of you looking to learn something new before the summer is over, I would suggest checking out the distributed version control software by the name of Git. I have been using git every day since about april of this year and I absolutely love it.

If you know or have used subversion, it is kind of the same overall idea, but done in a much different style. My suggestion (and many others) is to try and forget everything you know about version control when learning Git. Starting from scratch will make it easier to grok, but its well worth it.

One of the big reasons Git is so cool, is this absolutely killer application by the name of GitHub (www.github.com). GitHub is "social code hosting." This site has gained serious ground since launching this spring and is only getting better.

GitHub is basically a place for you to store all of the versions of your project remotely, but allows for so much more than this. You can contribute to many of the thousands of projects hosted on this site, or fork one and take it in your own direction. Accounts are free for open source projects and allow upgrades for closed source projects at a modest price. I have the $7/month plan that gives me up to 5 private projects.

Anyway, I bring this up because today github.com/blog had a post dedicated to helping those new to git, get up and running. I hope you all check it out and let me know what you think.


Justin Camerer
Do yo' chain hang low?

Justin Camerer

I guess I could link my profile, but nothing up there is stellar enough to warrant much of a look.

Justin Camerer
Do yo' chain hang low?

Brent Beer

I'm posting in this thread because:

1) testing my new awesome signature
2) I support Git

Shaun Martin

Oh my.

That needs to be toned down... just a tad.
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I'm sending you the hospital bills the next time one of your sigs makes me have freaking stroke.  :-X
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Adam C

a. I also love github, I don't have anything of note up yet either, but my profile is http://github.com/thecoffman

b. I am in Brent's signature picture and it still nearly killed me when I saw it..


word. git is nice...get on it. http://github.com/and459d2

brent's sig pic is amazing.

notice adam is 7 feet tall in the photo