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One Time/Part Time Web Development Opportunity

Started by Jeff Croxell, 2008-08-04T15:26:51-05:00 (Monday)

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Jeff Croxell

We are Jacques @ the Bank in Collinsville, IL  and are needing a web-design student
to help polish up the website. This employment situation will mainly be a
one-time visit with possibly monthly updates. The website is up and running
but needs some maintenance. The menu files need to pop open for the customers and
also need to update the logo. These items should only take someone with experience
a small amount of time. I would like to add another tab for more information. These
items need to be completed before I can list with a restaurant listing publication.

The pay rate will be $15.00 per hour, but will pay a minimum of two hours for the first visit.

Please Contact:

Melissa Ellis
Executive Manager
Jacques @ The Bank
102 W Main St
Collinsville, IL 62028
Jeff Croxell
CS Support