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need an LCD (any condition)

Started by ManPanda, 2008-09-14T01:58:55-05:00 (Sunday)

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I'm looking to build a projector out of the panel from a 15 inch LCD and an overhead projector.  So, I need a 15 inch LCD monitor but it doesn't matter what condition the casing is in or whether or not the backlight works as long as the panel itself is ok and it doesn't have dead pixels.

Oh, and if you have or know someone who has an overhead knockin' around, that'd be great!

If you have something email me at grimm 367 gmail com


Shaun Martin

I have a relatively new 17" LCD Monitor that I'm not using.  I think it *might* have 1 dead pixel in the upper corner.
Shaun Martin
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I have a 15" labtop monitor screen that is cracked but works through the cracks. 

Jarod Luebbert

Are you doing the project that Systm had a video podcast on?

If not, it would be a very helpful episode to watch for what you are doing:
Jarod Luebbert
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I modified your email address in your initial post. This forum gets crawled from time to time. Don't want none 'o that spam stuff
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