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General Interest in caos

Started by crash, 2008-09-02T23:46:42-05:00 (Tuesday)

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Hello, I'm a new freshman at SIUE and I've stumbled upon the forums here.  I am a CMIS major and have been interesting in software, hardware, network security, linux, and many other computer related topics for years.  I have had a bit of trouble find a general FAQ though.  My primary questions are as follows.

1: What exactly is caos and how long has it been around?
2: Where and when do caos members meet or is it strictly online correspondence?
3: How do you become a member of caos and what does membership entail?

Thanks in advance,



I'll second that!  Majoring in engineering, and this looks like something I want to do, but what and how do I do it?


Firstly WELCOME! and thank you for your interest.  I am the current Vice President and will be mroe than happy to answer some of these questions for you. 

First what is CAOS: CAOS stands for the Computer Association of SIUE. We are the local ACM chapter located here at SIUE.  We opperate mostly out of the CS Department. 

Typically we try and organize meetings once or twice a month that usually include everyting form presentations, to movies, to speakers.  We also host events that are a little more geeky. 

Becoming a member is very easy. You already are one!!! There is no "official" members list simply signing up for the forum does the trick.

We had our first officer's meeting yesterday and have developed a very active schedule for September (including Dr. White's famous SIGRAPH presentation, nothing beats cool graphics and neat videos).  We are also working on a monthly presentation every month by Dr. Bouvier covering a different programming language each time. I believe he is starting with JAVA. 

You can always find event info here on the forum as well as posted around the EB.  We are currently looking for more ideas of events and activities our members are interested in so suggestions are always always welcome.

President of CAOS
Software Engineer NASA Nspires/Roses Grant


Thanks for the response.

I'm not quite as interested in the programing side of things as i am networking and more specifically network security.  Is there a subgroup of caos more focused on that?  Also how active is the Linux users group I noticed the separate forum and will probably post there as well.