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Planning CAOS Meetings: What time works best for you?

Started by Jarod Luebbert, 2008-09-08T16:08:53-05:00 (Monday)

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What would be the best time for you to have CAOS meetings and events?

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Total Members Voted: 15

Jarod Luebbert

We are trying to figure out when it would be best to hold meetings and events for CAOS. Please select the best time of day for you and then post what day (or days) of the week you could make it. Thanks!
Jarod Luebbert
Computer Science Major

delia feerer

Tuesday and Thursday after 5 or anytime before 12 on Monday and Wednesday!

Gregory Bartholomew

Between 8:00 AM on Monday and 7:00 PM on Friday works for me.

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Brent Beer

MWF probably after 5 but before 5 is ok too.

TR after 5 because i get out at 4:45!

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Mark Sands

I have class til either 5 or 6 every day so honestly 6-8 is best for me
Mark Sands
Computer Science Major

Jarod Luebbert

MWF 6:00-8:00 works best for me. Actually on Fridays anytime after 12 would be great too.

So far we have ten votes and only three or four people who have posted the day, please post which day would be best after voting! :)
Jarod Luebbert
Computer Science Major


Adam C


Sounds like there is a general consensus towards evenings.  We will keep this in mind.  Please continue to post time frames and submit votes.

President of CAOS
Software Engineer NASA Nspires/Roses Grant

Tangent Orchard

Quote from: raptor on 2008-09-11T00:01:33-05:00 (Thursday)Please continue to post time frames and submit votes.
4-6 is probably best for me, too, mostly Wednesday/Thursday.