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Student Project - electromagnetics

Started by johnbtes, 2008-09-16T09:58:40-05:00 (Tuesday)

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My name is John Bracamontes and I am looking to form a small group to do some research and manufacturing.
I have been going to school for quite some time now, switching majors ( civil engineering, architecture, business, web development and now computer science).  But I am at the point where I feel I know where I am headed.
I work as an interactive developer in downtown st. louis at a company which does production and application development.

So what I am wanting to find are a few people who would be interested in working with Electro-Magnetic Propulsion.
I have had the idea to work on a project like this for a while and want to make something happen.
Whether you are computer science, electrical engineering, etc... if you are interested please let me know.

What I would like to work on is using the principles of maglev as a way to propel a vehicle.  So instead of riding on the current and opposition for propulsion, that same idea is used as the torquing force to power a drivetrain.

Anyone interested please let me know and we can get together to discuss the project.


John Bracamontes


I am extremely interested in this, however I have no time.  I had this same idea a few years back, but one day I turned on the science channel and found that the military has already been working on this.  Then 2 years ago, they had a bike working and were working on a car.  I believe they already had something for the car, but didn't show it. 

Anyways, one thing they said they found that seemed pretty kewl, which they were not expecting (according to the program I was watching) was that the vehicle had the same torque regardless of how steep of a hill they were on.  They showed this bike going up a pretty steep hill with no effort.  Was pretty kewl.  Good luck!
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I don't see why it wouldn't always have the same torque. I can see a change in acceleration, but the amount of torque any type of engine can produce should always remain the same or very close to the same.

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