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Summer science reporter fellowship

Started by Jerry, 2008-10-30T19:17:24-05:00 (Thursday)

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Love Engineering? Love to Write?
Apply to be one of IEEE-USA's Engineering Mass Media Fellows

Application Deadline: 15 January 2009

The AAAS Science and Engineering Mass Media Fellows Program provides
an opportunity for senior undergraduate and graduate students in
engineering and computer science to work full-time over the summer as
science reporters in radio and TV stations, newspapers and magazines.
In addition to receiving weekly stipends and travel expenses, IEEE-USA
Engineering Mass Media Fellows will gain valuable work experience and
sharpen their communication skills as they research, write and report
today's headlines for public consumption. Since 2000, IEEE-USA Mass
Media Fellows have been assigned to such media outlets as the Los
Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, Scientific American, Popular
Science and WNBC-TV.

To download an application for the fellowship program, visit:
www.aaas.org/programs/education/MassMedia. For more information on
past IEEE-USA sponsored fellows, visit:
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