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Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Started by rbalfan, 2008-12-02T17:03:01-06:00 (Tuesday)

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Would anyone be interested in forming a local chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP (not Simple Service Discovery Protocol)), or NORML, etc.?

"Students for Sensible Drug Policy is an international grassroots network of students who are concerned about the impact drug abuse has on our communities, but who also know that the War on Drugs is failing our generation and our society."
*see http://ssdp.org/about/ for more information

I created a Facebook group last year and got a bit of interest but not much in the way of helping me actually get things going.

If you are, feel free to search SSDP at SIUE on Facebook and get in touch with me there or here.


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Scott, I've been here a few weeks, just never posted.

Now back to the actual thread.