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DataServ - Document Solution Specialist

Started by Jesse Phelps, 2008-12-22T10:22:34-06:00 (Monday)

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Jesse Phelps

This is a role that could later move into the Developer position or a Consultant role if you would prefer the less technical path.

Job Description:
- Data and system analyst.
- Analyzes and fixes system, processing and data issues experienced by DataServ clients.
- Works on diverse internal projects involving enhancement of internal tools, improvement of DataServ’s processing environment and self-development.

- BS-Computer Science
- 3.0 GPA
- Familiar with a broad variety of Windows and web-based technologies, including MS Office, .NET, HTML, SQL Server, FTP, etc.
- Proven analytical thinking and problem solving skills.
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
- Ability and desire to thrive in a team-oriented, fast-paced environment.

Again, please contact me at jphelps@dataservondemand.com.

Jesse Phelps

Jesse Phelps

Please see the complete job description in the attachment.