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Web Developer Opportunity

Started by Jerry, 2009-02-20T11:00:00-06:00 (Friday)

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My name is Matt Burcham and I am from Collinsville.  I am currently working through a small business plan on an idea I have for a web-based business.

I have mockups and functionality of a website. 

I am interested to find students that may have the ability and be interested in making some money helping me build this website.

Basically I am looking to build a website that has the functionality of Craigslist: the ability for a user to create a log in ID and Password with their eMail address.  In addition, the ability for the user to enter postings (similar to a forum) and the ability for other users to respond directly to that user directly via email using their User ID.  I am thinking this set up would need a few databases to hold the user/posting data. 

My contact information is Matt Burcham 618.407.6517 or mattburcham @ yahoo . com

Thanks for your time,
Matt Burcham
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