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Opportunities at Northrop Gumman

Started by Jerry, 2009-03-10T09:42:12-05:00 (Tuesday)

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As an alumnus of SIUE, I now have the opportunity, at times, to bring young men and women into the employment phase of software development. 

At Northrop Grumman, a major defense department contractor, we have people at Scott AFB, St Louis and at Arnold.

Right now we are looking to get some three dozen resumes together to fill contingent contracts (contracts that have not been awarded, but look very promising) and to have on hand as we continue to expand.

We program in and with C#, Visual Studio 2.0 and 3.5, SQL Server 2005 and Infragistics 7/8.  At times JAVA is a need and we don’t shy away from other areas/new contracts.

We do a lot of Web applications development and SharePoint 2007 is a strong point for us.

We are looking for talented young people getting ready to graduate, have recently graduated or are in graduate school.  They should have A/B GPAs, be a good team person and have a real knack/desire for programming.

We would be interested in resumes of those who are less than seniors if they are doing college part time, working full time at a software development job and are entertaining the idea of improving their job satisfaction.

Thanks for your time!

Daniel McAfee
Mgr, Software Apps Development
Northrop Grumman IT / TASC
1010 Market Street, Suite 1740
St Louis, MO 63101

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I would suggest all of you take advantage of this opportunity.  I work at Lockheed Martin (a rival of Northrop), but we do a lot of the same type of work.  I have learned so much at Lockheed and started at the beginning of my Senior year.  It seems Northrop is looking for people graduating this semester, but you never know, you might be able to work out a co-op or something. 

Either way it is a good experience and a great place to start off.  Don't put things off like this.  You will regret it later.  I wish I started looking for internships my sophomore or junior year instead of putting it off for my Senior year.
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