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LAN Party April 24th 5-?

Started by Travis W, 2009-04-16T16:46:55-05:00 (Thursday)

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Travis W

Just realized there is not a post for this event yet.:doh:

This is a Game Dev group and a CAOS event.
As of right now I do not know what game will be played or what platform.  :ph34r:
Scott has been talking with the GD group but i am not sure if they have settled on a game yet.
Anyways should be an awesome time.

If you have any questions or comments please post them here.
Hope to see everyone there,


delia feerer

I've heard that the game might be Tribes 2?

Travis W

Yep, you are right Delia.
I forgot that Scott said that.

Tangent Orchard

April 24th is a Friday, I see.

What's Tribes 2 like?  I've never heard of it.

Adam C

Tribes 2 is old and awesome. been around forever

Travis W

I talked to Brit from the game dev group today and he said that people attending should bring a laptop.
This is a free game so it can be downloaded when you arrive.