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Computers for the Community

Started by seeker99, 2009-03-25T20:55:37-05:00 (Wednesday)

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Do you have old computer machines, monitors, printers, faxes, and accessories? (in the Lansing MI area)
Are they taking up needed space in your home or garage!!

Let me help you help me help the Community... (Did you catch that lol)

I am willing to pick up these unwanted computer related items and such free of charge.

THE NEED? These parts and accessories will be used to build refurbished machines for children and struggling families in our community during this time of crisis at little or no cost...

Just think, your old monitor that is collecting dust could help a student bring up his grades now that he/she can use their computer as a resource for education.

You just got a new printer, imagine, your old one that still works just fine could be used to print out that job lead that puts a family back on financial track.


**** The president asked us to search ourselves and see how we can help in our community, this is my way. I am a certified IT professional with over 10 year’s experience. We know Technology is the wave of the future. I want to help at-risk children and families get a jump start on that wave.
**** do you know of a at risk family in need of a computer..... Or needs their computer fixed, email me lets talk!!

ALSO**** please pass this message along, lets help each other. Do you know of anyone or company that may be willing to donate old machines, parts and accessories... Let’s network....

Thanks in Advance,

Shaun Martin

"(in the Lansing MI area)"

Hello spam.  How are you doing today?
Shaun Martin
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Related to this, I do have some spare parts accumulated over the years.  I was going to throw some of it away today (lucky), but I'll hold onto them.  I think I have a 300W power supply, a floppy drive, a cdrom drive, a few sticks of RAM (I think 1 gig ddr2 for a laptop and two 512mb ddr for desktop), an Athlon 3200+ XP processor, and an Althlon X2 motherboard, and a normal-sized case.  Also a lot of extra screws and cables.

Maybe we could build a few computers with the spare hardware we have for members that don't have a decent computer at home.


Saw this last night, and thought it was spam because of the location.  But I wasn't sure.  Figured it would filter down on its own.  Good message tough.
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