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New Course Added for the Fall: Wireless Networks

Started by Jerry, 2009-04-30T20:59:19-05:00 (Thursday)

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Wireless Networks
CS490-006/590-004 Fall 2009
11:00am~11:50am MWF
Dr. Yun Wang

The objective of this course is to introduce senior Undergraduate students and MS students with the fundamental concepts and technologies in wireless networking for both voice and data communication. It also aims to introduce the lasted developments in the emerging area of wireless ad hoc and sensor networks from both theory and practice perspectives.
Topics will be covered include cellular systems, ad hoc and sensor networks, wireless LANs, satellite systems, and mobile communication systems. Concepts and technologies will be covered include signal transmission, mobile radio propagation, channel coding, channel allocation, multiple radio access, multiple division techniques, network protocols, etc.  In addition, lasted developments and results in wireless networks will be introduced.

Students in this course will:                       
•   Read and present recent research papers
•   Perform embedded programming on real sensor nodes
•   Implement research simulations
•   Write survey paper or project report

Course Pre-requisites:
•   CS447: Networks and Data Communications
•   Good programming & mathematical skills   

For more information, contact:
Yun Wang (yuwang (at) siue.edu)
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