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SIUE CS Senior Project

Started by Nate R, 2009-05-04T22:42:54-05:00 (Monday)

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Nate R

I was wondering if anyone could give me more details on how the senior project here in the CS department works. I know that it's a group project over two semesters of design and implementation, the details I'm looking for are specifics on how groups are split up, how time is used and how frequent meetings are.

I have a job opportunity, but the senior project class on TR from 12:30-13:45 cuts the day in half. I'm hoping I don't have to turn down the opportunity because of that.

So, more details on the CS senior project (Design and Implementation phases) would be appreciated. Thanks!


Brian Cunningham

It all depends on your instructor but from what Ive heard about the 425/499 before mine and the 425 this semester and my own
you actually have to be there more for some lectures and presentations
teams seem to be split up by the instructor

This is more of showing up for status reports and whenever your team meets

the number of times you meet is dependent on your team

for the job opportunity, will they not accomodate at all?
I know multiple people who have had internships/co-ops and their company allowed them to take part of the day off for class
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Speak with your teacher! They each do it a bit differently.
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