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Full-time position at Jaros Technologies

Started by Jerry, 2009-05-05T09:25:09-05:00 (Tuesday)

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May 4, 2009

Software Support Engineer

Jaros Technologies is looking for a Software Support Engineer with the following duties:

•    Manage open tickets and ensure Service Level Agreements are met with customers
•   Manage the ticketing process
•   Communicate new processes with customers
•   Manage the patch download site
•   Versioning and release management
•   Active Meta Data Management
•   Third tier testing of patches

No experience necessary.  Four year computer science or computer management information degree required.  Jaros will provide training.

Jaros offers a full benefit package including health insurance, dental insurance, 401K, eye care and more.  Salary is commensurate with experience.

Interested applicants should call 618-452-8080 and schedule an interview.

Jaros Technologies Corporation is a software company specializing in business intelligence applications.  Customers include General Electric, Berkshire Hathaway, MoneyGram, InFocus, ArvinMeritor and more.

Jaros Technologies Corporation is an equal opportunity employer.

Paul Scheibal
Jaros Technologies Corporation
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