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A Star is Born

Started by Victor Cardona, 2002-09-03T09:59:54-05:00 (Tuesday)

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Victor Cardona

Well folks, it has finally happened. Linux has made its way onto the silver screen. Thanks to some wonderful product placement, you can now see you (favorite?) OS in Blood Work starring Clint Eastwood.

In the movie, you see several Linux books, a Red Hat 6.1 box, and a SuSE box on the programmer's bookshelf.

Watch for it, and share any sightings you see.

Peter Motyka

Wow, I have always been a bit uneasy with strategic product placements in movies.  It always seems to annoy me when my favorite actors take a swig from a pepsi etc.  I wonder if SuSe and Redhat had to put out any money for this?  They are the only distros that would have the funds to support such advertising.  I bet the movie producers are geeks and managed to sneak the props in there.  Watch for a suit from Microsoft, "Hollywood supports Open Source" :P

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Michael Kennedy

It wouldn't surprise me.  I bet there's a line in the Frontpage EULA stating that you can't use Frontpage to produce any movie webpages that "disparage" Microsoft by having open-source product placements in the movie...
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