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Graphics/Visualization R/D Position - St. Louis

Started by Devon Berry, 2009-06-02T12:17:42-05:00 (Tuesday)

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Devon Berry

I got this in an e-mail today and thought it would be a great one to post here:


I have the following PERMANENT hire need in St. Louis, Missouri and wanted to see who you might know. Below are the details. If you know anybody like this who's currently looking, please send them my way.

Graphics/Visualization R/D Position

A R/D contract with the military to work on intelligent sensors that use data visualization to produce computer images.  Ideal candidate would have previous custom SW development experience, past programming experience in a high level graphic language (some keywords: vector graphics in XML, MATLAB or raster graphics).  Job function will require detailed research and the writing of white papers, so good communication (written) is mandatory.  A.I. (artificial intelligence) exp a plus.  Secret/Top Secret is a plus, but not required, however, candidate must be willing and able to get a clearance.

800.434-2342 x227