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Peri, Inc. Presentation

Started by Gary Mayer, 2009-10-07T15:59:12-05:00 (Wednesday)

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Gary Mayer

A company by the name of Peri Inc. aims to provide "IT software training (in specific technologies like Java, Hibernate, Spring, etc.) to potential hires (graduates, seniors, etc.)."  :smartass:  The company's intent is to improve your chances of securing a job in today's competititve job market, where employers are looking for familiarity with certain technologies. Peri, Inc. is also a recruitment firm. They will work to help market and place you for co-op positions while you are still in school, and for permanent positions once you have graduated.

Peri, Inc. would very much like the opportunity to provide a 45 minute presentation about their services. The purpose is two-fold: A) Inform the SIUE student community about their services and (B) collect feedback with regard to whether or not students are interested in their services. The company will then decide whether or not to offer the training and, I suspect, decide on which topics to focus.

The company is willing to entice you to attend with free pizza.

Before your CAOS officers and Peri, Inc. spend their energies on setting this up, I'd like to know how many students would even be interested in attending the presentation. Please respond on the forum or e-mail me directly at gamayer[at]siue.edu.
-- Malekith

The higher, the fewer, Doctor. The higher it goes, the fewer.

Robert Kennedy

I would be very interested and not just because of the free pizza.