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Online Programming Contest

Started by raptor, 2010-01-25T21:33:16-06:00 (Monday)

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With immense pleasure we, on behalf of Department of Computer Engineering, IT-BHU and IT-BHU ACM Student Chapter, would like to invite you to participate in Codefest, a completely Online technical festival, which is being organized by our department from 25th January to 21st March, 2010. It includes competitions of Application Development, Algorithms, Programming and Logic and Mathematics and is open for participation from students and professionals all over the globe.

Event Details:

GumboRumble : Adobe sponsored 2 months long application development competition, where participants shall be using AIR2.0 SDK platform (Flash 10). Team of 2 members. Prizes worth 1000$!

Manthan : An algorithm intensive programming competition on the lines of ACM-ICPC, with 8-10 problems and time duration of 5 hours. Solutions can be submitted in 35 languages. Team of 3 members.

Code Warrior : Test of overall aptitude and problem solving skills. The event comprises of problems on Puzzles, Algorithm Designing, Debugging and Programming. Submission time shall be 10 days. Team of 2 members.

Perplexed : C obscure Programming Competition, to get in-depth knowledge of C. Simple Programming Problems with constraints on the use of header files and tokens like semicolon, keywords (for, if, switch, etc). Event shall comprise of 6 – 8 Problems to be solved in time duration of 12 Hours. Team of 2 members.

Mathmania: An event with Challenging Mathematical Problems as in Project Euler, comprising of 10 questions and time duration of 6 hours. Individual event.

Visit our website to register for the event. Spread the word to your friends and form teams from any college or country!

Why should you participate?

-Exciting Prizes - Lots of exciting prizes are to be won :). Details or prizes will be available soon on our website

-A completely online event hence easy to participate

-Challenge Yourself with new, challenging and fun-filled questions

-Learn with competition. Best solutions will be provided after each event for yo to judge yourself

-Enlarge your Technical Circle - Compete and get in touch with top programmers round the globe through discussion forums.

Still have any questions?
Please go through FAQ . For further questions email us at codefest@itbhu.ac.in  or contact the following:

Shishir Mittal   91-9936-180-121  shishir.mittal.cse06@itbhu.ac.in

Shashank Tyagi  91-9651-422-932 shashank.tyagi.cse06@itbhu.ac.in

Gaurav Kumar  91-9005-729-272 gaurav.kumar.cse06@itbhu.ac.in

Warm regards,
Team Codefest,
President of CAOS
Software Engineer NASA Nspires/Roses Grant

Robert Kennedy

For people interested in this sort of thing, there's also www.topcoder.com.  The competitions range in difficulty from hour long programming assignments with no monetary reward, to Marathon matches sponsored by organizations like Disney, NASA, and the NSA with top prizes that stretch well into the $10,000+ range.  There's also a ton of requested bug fixes that companies post that might take a few hours to figure out and fix that have $50-$100 rewards. 

Unfortunately, I can never seem to find time to get as involved with it as I'd like too so I can't really vouch for how easy/difficult it is to actually get any money from it, but it does seem like a cool idea.