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LOTM: Adobe Flex Oct 13th 4pm EB auditorium

Started by Travis W, 2009-09-25T16:11:58-05:00 (Friday)

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Travis W

Just got this finalized.

On Tuesday October 13th @ 4pm an Adobe employee will be presenting Flex in the EB Auditorium.
For those of you that know Dr. Pamela Gay this is her husband Kyle.

Any questions just post and we will get them answered.


Tangent Orchard

Ah, neato.  Unfortunately, I won't be able to make the time slot on this one, but I hope it turns out to be a good presentation. =)

Adam C

Flex is really neat, Delia, Andrew, Brent and I did our 321 final project in it. It was alot of fun to play with, but we never really learned it all that well. I'm really looking forward to seeing someone who actually knows it present!

Robert Kennedy

Probably should have posted this sooner, but anyone wanting to get an idea of how Flex works before the presentation can download a free trial of it at