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Modding an Old/ Original Xbox

Started by Ike, 2009-10-09T18:42:49-05:00 (Friday)

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Has anyone gone through the trouble/ pleasure of modding their old/ original xbox? 

I am in the process of acquiring all of the necessary "tools, programs, disks, etc." for installing the Gentoox distro of Linux on it. 

Anyone have any experience with it?

Chris Oliver

Here's a tutorial I wrote up a while back when I was modding a bunch of original xboxes. Looks like the pictures aren't available at the moment, I'll have to fix that.



Anyone have a spare Action Replay (for XBox) lying around that i could borrow?

Chris Oliver

Nope, but if you disassemble the xbox, you can mod it with nothing more than a desktop and IDE cable. That's the easiest way to do things.