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[Survey] desktop uptime

Started by bill corcoran, 2002-11-12T00:14:21-06:00 (Tuesday)

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bill corcoran

just curious how long everyone leaves their desktops on.  i can never decide.  i like leaving it on 24/7, but i have my doubts when it comes to hardware life, system security, and the environment.  what's good, what's bad, why do you do what you do?  oh, and what OS?

Peter Motyka

As far as my desktop box goes, it has been running 24/7 for the last few years.  I worry about the hardware, but all seems to be going pretty well so far.  What worries me most is, I am overclocking my CPU.  I have one of those rare Malaysian Slot based Celeron A chips (the ones with 128k on die L2cache).  It is a native 300MHz/66MHzchip and I run it at 450MHz/100MHz.  I am sure I will wake up one day to a dead pc due to my abusive uptimes, but oh well... I expect to have my pc ready when I wiggle the mouse.

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Jim Sodam

The Celeron 300A is probably the most famous overclocking CPU, or at least it was until the P4 1.6a.

Not to mention if you fry it the older celerons aren't very expensive to replace.

Ryan Lintker

I wanted to say that my computer wouldn't turn on, but after a motherboard/processor transplant, she started right up.  I try to keep mine off when I'm not using it, which is just the time that I am sleeping or at school.
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