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SIUE Webmail forwarding

Started by Rich M, 2009-11-12T16:08:32-06:00 (Thursday)

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Rich M

I found out this a few weeks ago and now I am sharing the knowledge with the rest of the masses.
This is a way to forward your webmail to another mail account with out having to keep updating your password when your EID password expires such as importing your webmail to another mail requires.

Use a program that allows for SSH, the lab computer on campus use winSCP.

Set the host to cougar.siue.edu
use your EID and password for the user and password

In this first directory make a file called .forward,(dot)forward.
Inside this file you can list the email that you wanted sent to such as


Now whenever an email is sent to your webmail it will be directly sent to this forward email address.
You can do more stuff with the .forward but I shall leave that up to you to look up.

Good Luck

Tangent Orchard

I know a couple people that have done this for years but I've never actually known why (though I've never tried to figure it out.)  Nice notification. =)

Adam C

Yup, been using this since Justin C showed it to me several years ago. Its a great trick!

Mark Sands

Mark Sands
Computer Science Major