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Graduate Assistantship in Modeling & Simulation Research

Started by Gary Mayer, 2009-11-05T12:30:52-06:00 (Thursday)

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Gary Mayer

I am looking for a graduate research assistant for modeling and simulation research.  :nerd:  Depending on how quickly the contract is let, the assistantship will run from Spring - Summer 2010 or from Summer - Fall 2010. Spring - Summer is the more likely timeframe.

The research is being conducted as part of a Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) funded through the US Department of Defense. What this means is that SIUE is a subcontractor to a small business that is being hired by the DoD to find a solution to a specific problem. In this case, the problem is that the DoD has a number of test facilities from which large volumes of data are drawn and it is difficult to control and analyze the data due to numerous non-deterministic (or not easily deterministic) parameters. Models have been built of these facilities but these models typically replace the non-deterministic values with constant parameters. This results in output that properly models a majority of the regimes within a test but falls short in others. The DoD would like someone to research methods for automating the identification of these parameters and providing more accurate, often dynamic, values such that facility models can be built that provide better control and assessment. The initial concept is geared toward an engine test facility.

The business that is hiring SIUE will work on the control aspect of the model. Our responsibility at SIUE is to devise methods by which we can identify and categorize relationships between facility model parameters using, potentially, neural networks. Analysis of various neural network configurations (and, potentially, other approaches) must be done to determine a solution that is best suited to the task. We must also devise an interface between the control and data analysis modules. The computer science graduate assistant that I hire will also work alongside a mechanical engineering graduate assistant to develop, test, and analyze models on the SIUE wind tunnel.

The graduate assistants will be expected to write, submit, and present at least one conference paper. Depending upon the results achieved, a journal paper is also possible.

If you are interested, you must apply for graduate assistantship with the Department of Computer Science. I will examine candidates from that pool. Further, you must also be enrolled in or successfully pass the CS 525, Principles of Simulation, course being offered this Spring. I will accept soft-copies of resumes from any graduate student who is particularly interested in this research and no more than a 1-page cover letter explaining why you feel that you are best suited for this assistantship. However, keep in mind that you must apply for a GA through normal channels.

I will update this post with more specific information, such as exact dates of activity, when I know them. Please contact me at gamayer[at]siue.edu with any other questions.


- Dr. Mayer
-- Malekith

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