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Linux Lan Party?

Started by Guest, 2002-11-12T19:14:31-06:00 (Tuesday)

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So when is caos/luugs going to host a linux lan party?  Possibly have an install fest geared towards gaming and once installed you frag your friends.  Of course for the savvy, they could just come to play.  How many others would be intersted in this?


After much work and fiddling I got ut2k3 to install in freebsd and boy does it work/run great.  I would gladly help people get it installed. So we could even play that.  Does anyone like my idea?

Matt Osmoe

That would be sweet.
//now I must hunt for vid_drivers worthy
//of UT2K3

Peter Motyka

So, I have a rather skimpy hardware configuration.  Will it be possible for my machien to run ut2k3?  I have a celeron A 128k L2 cache running at 450MHz/100Mhz bus.  128MB pc100 ram, and a savage 3 video card.  Is this enough to get some decent gameplay?

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Operating System: WIN 98/ME/2000/XP
CPU: Pentium III or AMD Athlon 733MHz processor (*PentiumÂÃ,® or AMD 1.0 GHz or greater RECOMMENDED)
Memory: 128 MB RAM (256 MB RAM or greater RECOMMENDED)
Hard Disk Space: 3 GB
Audio System: WindowsÂÃ,® compatible sound card (*Sound BlasterÂÃ,® Audigy(tm) series sound card RECOMMENDED) (NVIDIAÂÃ,® nForceâââ,¬Å¾Ã,¢ or other motherboards/soundcards containing the DolbyÂÃ,® Digital Interactive Content Encoder required for Dolby Digital audio. Also RECOMMENDED)
Video System: 3D Accelerator card with 16 MB VRAM (*32-128 MB VRAM RECOMMENDED) 16 MB TNT2-class DirectXÂÃ,® version 6 compliant video card. (*NVIDIA GeForce 2/ATI Radeon RECOMMENDED) DirectXÂÃ,® version 8.1 (Included on game disc)
Multiplayer: Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP) play supported. *Internet play requires a 33.6 Kbps or faster modem

These are the specs from the website.  And they aren't kidding when they say 3 gigs of free space needed.. the install takes about 2.8G  I don't know if it would play on your system well or not, maybe if you crank everything down low :)  Maybe I should have mentioned the beast machine I was testing it on. ;)  It is quite a massive game.. although that does bring up a good point.  Most people don't run linux/bsd on their "main" machines.  So maybe we should find some older games.  There are quite a few out there.  Maybe something like Quake 3 or something that's not a fps.  Anybody out there got some good linux games?

bill corcoran

i'm totally interested in putting some decent games on my system, just don't know the first thing about it in linux.  i'd say i have adequate hardware though.  mandrake 9 is my main OS on my main system.  i have <1GB free on an ATA33 drive for windows, not exactly ideal for games  =P



I would like to migrate my web/mail server to a pure linux platform. I had problems before installing scripts that were my network card "drivers". Untarring them and putting them were they needed to be proved easy. Making them work was the difficult part.


I was able to get Quake3 installed and running real quick and easy on FreeBSD.  So we could definately do some of that.  I also know a guy who runs Counter Strike in WineX for all of you CS people.  Of course I've been having a little trouble compiling winex in freebsd, but I'll post something if I get it figured out.


Maybe I should log in before posting.  oh well.  I've also read some stuff about people getting starcraft and diablo2 working in winex.  In case more people would want to play strategy games.

Chris Swingler

Christopher Swingler
CAOS Web Administrator


I wrote up two little guides on how to install ut2k3 and another on how to install winex in freebsd.  The ut2k3 might work alright for linux too, but I'm pretty sure the winex one is freebsd only.  Questions or comments, just respond or email me.


Victor Cardona

I own a copy of the now defunct Loki Games' Heavy Gear II.  It is a pretty awesome game, and I wouldn't mind burning copies for people. It does have a multiplayer mode so we could play it at a LAN party.


William Grim

Well, what if we had a gaming party (using Linux/Windows systems and cross-compatible games) some time after break?

If we plan it out, we might be able to get one of the labs on a Friday evening or something like that.

Oh, and we have several copies of Quake 3 Arena (Linux/Windows version) here in CAOS/LUUCS that we could install on the machines.  If it got installed on your own machine though, we'd have to make sure it got back off of there.

If the approaching finals and things are too much for us to get anything going, then we can do it first thing next semester.

Also, what is everyone's feelings about bi-weekly LUUCS meetings?  Even on weeks where there isn't much to talk about?  I just want to get the ball rolling and get some activity flowing and keep our people alive!  There's no time like the present ;-)
William Grim
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