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Developer needed for online shopping concept

Started by Guest, 2002-12-04T14:07:27-06:00 (Wednesday)

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I'm an MBA student at SIUE working on a concept to increase the penetration and acceptance of shopping for groceries online.  The grocery industry has annual revenues around $500 billion.  Currently less than 1% of these revenues are collected from online services.  I'm looking for a developer skilled in C/C++ (Visual Studio) or VB, JAVA, TCP/IP networking, and site design to help develop a prototype.  I can't afford to pay anyone at this point, but I am willing to offer a percentage of firm ownership or guaranteed payment when/if the project gets funded or has positive cash flow.  In the mean time, it might be a great opportunity to learn about the ins and outs of starting a technology focused business.  If you are interested and would like to learn more please contact me via email at a.c.c@onebox.com or via phone at (877) 879-0136.  Thanks.
Andrew Coffin


QuoteI can't afford to pay anyone at this point, but I am willing to offer a percentage of firm ownership or guaranteed payment when/if the project gets funded or has positive cash flow.

For all those reading this. I'm currently in a deal a lot like this where all profits are shared 50/50.  It's been a year since version one was completed and there has been some money made but not nearly as was hoped. We are well into a year and a half and are working on version two right now. The biggest problem that we faced since it was a startup project with no funding behind it was marketing costs. That is the only way to make a dime on any app. You can learn a lot but don't expect a lot. Above anything else look for a contract based relationship because anything less would look just like some college coding project you spent some time on for your resume.

The guy I'm working with had a lot of the ideas already down on paper so it was warrented to split profits 50/50. The only reason why we are bothering with a second version is because a very large group showed interest in standardizing the product. That basically means no marketing costs and tons of users for nill. When you have little to no marketing mula probably the only way you'ld make it big even with a killer app is if you find someone to give your app a name and someone to give your app the funding it needs to grow beyond version 1/2...or the basic feature set.

just my $.02 :-D

Geoff Schreiber

Pretty much all I've been developing lately are ecommerce applications for all sorts of different online shopping solutions.  Just like Nitric said, the largest problem with all of them are marketing.  For an online business to succeed, marketing analysts have shown upwards of 25% of startup funding and gross revenue must be spent on marketing the web presence.  This sort of number isn't achievable by business standards, and as any business minded individual can see, will cause the company to go belly up, hence the major media take on ecommerce companies calling it quits...  The actual number that a company can spend on advertising and come out on top is only somewhere in the rage of 3-4%....

While the application idea sounds promising, there are already quite a few online grocery shopping sites out there, what's going to make this one stand out from the rest? Already, quite a few have called it quits as well, what's promising for this one to have it succeed?  Feel free to contact me on this, I wouldn't mind getting involved as it's something I have a lot of experience in, I just don't go into these sort of projects blind due to my experiences with both successful and unsuccessful ecommerce launches.  You can email me at gschreib@schreiberclan.com...
Geoff Schreiber
Project Engineer
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