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So I'm new here... (general questions)

Started by jphelan, 2010-02-04T18:09:09-06:00 (Thursday)

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I'm interested in joining caos and I've been looking through the forums a bit for a meeting time or something that I could go to get started. Any help?

Travis W

First off welcome.
CAOS just had new officer elections today so i am sure once those folks get all settled in they will announce a meeting or event of some sorts.
We started to have monthly meeting last semester so hopefully that trend will continue.
So basically just keep your eyes on the main page and the forum for event and meeting announcements.


Gary Mayer

I echo Travis' "welcome"!

I am the CAOS faculty advisor. As CAOS is an official student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) (http://www.acm.org/), the activities that CAOS involves itself in tend to be computing-centric. Some activites that have been common include guest speakers from the computer science field, discussing programming languages that your classes are unlikely to cover, etc. There are also fundraising and FUN-raising activities like Bar-B-Que's and Laser Tag. The content is student-defined.

In summary, I'd say that the purpose of CAOS is to help students who share a common interest -- namely computer science -- get to better know one another and their chosen profession. That being said, how to do that is as diverse as the student community itself. With the new officers just getting set up, this a great time to get involved and help shape CAOS over the next year. Ideas and motivation to make things happen are definite assets.

I look forward to seeing you at the first meeting.

Kind regards,

- Dr. Mayer
-- Malekith

The higher, the fewer, Doctor. The higher it goes, the fewer.


I know the first meeting is held this Thursday from 5-6 pm but where is it held at? It isn't posted on the homepage of CAOS.

Mark Sands

We'll be doing cheap lunch tomorrow in the EB. Stop by then and we'll be able to let you know. Or just keep refreshing the home page/checking forums for an update.
Mark Sands
Computer Science Major