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Is my harddisc damaged?

Started by jaktfalk63, 2010-02-07T14:59:52-06:00 (Sunday)

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My computer wont work unless its warm. If I turn it off and tries to start it the next day its hard to fire up windows unless the computer have been on for many hours. Does anyone have a clue whats wrong?

Gary Mayer

I have seen similar intermitent boot problems caused by motherboard capacitor failures. Unless it's a laptop, you should be able to open your case and visibly inspect the motherboard capacitors -- especially the cylinders for which there have been problems in the past. If any are cylindrical capacitors that are domed (rounded on top), blackened, or are obviously leaking, that's likely your problem.

Now, with my Ubuntu machine, I've had intermitent boot problems while using a Belkin wireless USB driver that I installed. The way that I had to correct that was by disabling IPv6. Thus, even though you're using Windows, it could be a software problem.

So, it may help for us to know more about your system (OS, age, laptop/desktop, etc.) and what, if anything, you've recently modified in hardware or software -- including Windows updates. However, given your description of the computer needing to be "warm"... a capacitance problem is my first thought.


- Malekith
-- Malekith

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