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Interesting find concerning spammers and twitter

Started by Robert Kennedy, 2010-02-25T18:25:52-06:00 (Thursday)

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Robert Kennedy

Disclaimer:  This might be common knowledge to Twitter users.  I just use it to laugh at Sarah Palin's incoherent tweets.

Has anyone else noticed that spammers are linking to their spam posts from various forums on Twitter?  I just noticed it today when trying to find if caos has a twitter page.  Anyway, it makes a bit more sense to me now why they would go through so much hassle to make a post on a forum that is viewed by relatively few people.

William Grim

I find it funny spammers try to do that too.  Google has, for a long time, had algorithms that can defeat that kind of "SEO".
William Grim
IT Associate, Morgan Stanley


caos does have a twitter!  siuecaos.
I'm hoping the new officers will continue to use it.
President of CAOS
Software Engineer NASA Nspires/Roses Grant

Mark Sands

We will but none of us have the password...............  :help:
Mark Sands
Computer Science Major