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New CS Elective for Summer

Started by Jerry, 2010-03-09T09:43:48-06:00 (Tuesday)

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Client-Server Systems

Summer 2010
Dr. Bouvier

Students will develop database driven websites, a common form of client server systems. Course topics include application level protocols, database programming, information security, and mult-tiered systems.

Course Topics:
•   Application level protocols
•   Database programming
•   Information security
•   Client-server systems
•   Multi-tiered systems
•   Rich internet applications
•   PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, and more

Course text: "Learning PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript", Robin Nixon, O'Reilly Books, 2009, ISBN 978-0-596-15713-5

This is a Hybrid course:  it is on-line and in-class. Students will learn PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript from the course text and through programming projects. Lectures (on class meeting days) will be on more advanced topics.

Course starts May 24th and ends August 4th

Course meetings:
•   6/1, 6/8, 6/15, 6/22, 6/28, 7/6, 7/13, 7/20, and 8/3 (Tuesdays)
•   11:00am to 1:10pm
•   EB 1010
•   Assessment
•   Lecture
•   Discussion
•   Demonstration
•   Question and answer
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Travis W


I would like to know what projects we would be looking at?
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Mark Sands

Mark Sands
Computer Science Major


Quote from: raptor on 2010-03-12T15:03:54-06:00 (Friday)
I would like to know what projects we would be looking at?

You'll need to ask Dr. Bouvier.
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Robert Kennedy

I would absolutely love to take this course, but with it being a day course it won't work well with summer internships.  Anyway, I've been working through the book for the course in preparation of my Senior project.  An electronic version of it is available through the library for any go getters that want to take a look at it before they take the course. 

Brent Beer

I wonder if i should pay for an additional 490 course and take this, or if I should just sit in on the class or something =) Guess I'll have to poke Dr. Bouvier but this class seems awesome.

Travis W

When are we going to able register for this class?



This course is now available for registration on Banner.

Dr. Bouvier is setting CS 340 as the prerequisite for this course.
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