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Started by Jerry, 2010-03-16T15:44:20-05:00 (Tuesday)

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From Shaun Martin at AT&T


Hi Dr. Weinberg,

I was just told this morning by my former team lead that AT&T is looking to hire around 8-10 more people for the June MATREX program.  This is a full time position and is the program I was brought into when I joined AT&T last May.  If you know of anyone getting ready to graduate and is looking for a job can you please send them my way?

You can find more information about the MATREX program here if you have any interested students: http://www.connectwithatt.com/MATREX

AT&T's MAnagement TRansition EXchange (MATREX) Program

In an industry where nothing's more important than innovation, our Technology teams help keep AT&T on the cutting-edge. We're known for ideas, and our breadth of assets and resources allow us to unleash the new innovations that continue to lead the industry.

Our highly skilled and experienced industry-leading professionals are what drive our success. And at AT&T, we're committed to the discovery and development of the next generation of IT pioneers. By taking part in our Management Transition Exchange (MATREX) program, AT&T's Information Technology Career Development Program, you'll gain all the skills and knowledge necessary to join our elite IT team. Opportunities are available in San Ramon, CA, Hoffman Estates, IL, Middletown, NJ, Atlanta, GA, Dallas Metro, TX, St. Louis, MO and Bothell, WA.

What to Expect
Established to teach the standards of AT&T, MATREX gives newly hired employees the opportunity to collaborate with project teams and work with one another. The goal of this strategic program is to enable participants to combine their coursework with the skills and knowledge essential to gain a broad experience across the Information Technology organization. Possible assignments include software, process and requirements development, project management, software testing and/or IT operations.

This is a full-time, paid position with employee benefits.

Education Requirements
The MATREX team is comprised of entry level graduates with varying IT skill sets. A BS, BA or Masters in Computer Science, MIS or related field with a GPA of 3.2 is required. A combination of technical skills in Java, JavaScript, HTML, Oracle, C, C, Unix, and XML is also necessary. Good communication and self-motivation skills, along with the ability to be a team player are essential for success in this program.

What You'll Gain

Technical, Management/Leadership and Elective Training curriculum
Temporary job assignments within our Information Technology organization
Professional Development, formal mentor program and peer/leadership support
Networking Opportunities: key executive leadership sessions, business area and industry overview presentations, volunteer and social activities
Individual team member responsibilities

The MATREX career development program will give you hands-on experience and preparatory knowledge that will last you a lifetime. You'll make valuable contacts, and get the inside view of telecommunications from the industry leader. Learn more about your future in IT with AT&T's MATREX program today.

Shaun Martin
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Shaun Martin

Thanks for posting this Dr. Weinberg.  I've also been informed that there are still some internship positions available in IT for this summer.  If you are interested in either the MATREX program or an internship with AT&T, please feel free to send me your resume.  My email address is sm0932[at]att[dot]com.

Shaun Martin
Shaun Martin
SIUE Alumni
Associate IT Analyst, AT&T Services, Inc. St. Louis, MO.