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New Fall Elective :Linux for Programmers, Administrators, and Kernel Developers

Started by Jerry, 2010-04-29T15:40:16-05:00 (Thursday)

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Unix/Linux for Programmers, Administrators, and Kernel Developers

"The Joy of Unix"

CS 490-003/ CS 590-002      TR 6:-715 PM

Instructor: Karl Klebenow, Platform Specialist AT&T

This course has three goals. First, to provide an overview of Unix as a programming environment. Second, to describe the tasks involved in administering UNIX. Third, to tour the Linux kernel. The first section includes a description of commands and utilities which support comparison, search, file management, and compilation. The administration portion reviews the tasks performed by the system administrator, including managing file systems, users, installing software packages and patches, system startup and shutdown, shell scripting, security, and backups/restores. The kernel tour includes kernel build/install, writing a command interpreter, and modifying/debugging the kernel. 

Required texts:    O'Reilly: Unix in a Nutshell, ISBN 0-5961-0029-9
             Robert Love, Linux Kernel Development, 2nd edition, Novell Press, 2005 

Skills and knowledge gained:   Exposure and the opportunity to develop a level of comfort with Unix, as a user, administrator, or kernel developer.

Prerequisite:   CS 314 with a C or better or consent of the instructor.
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Robert Kennedy

Very very awesome that this was made a night class.  I'm strongly considering this one even though I don't really need it to graduate. 


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#Something witty

Brent Beer

As of yet he has not been assigned an email address through the school. I would recommend contacting Dr. Bouvier if you have any additional questions.